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The MF DC Inverter Welding Machine is State-of-the-art Welder

2014-9-10      View:

  The Medium Frequency DC inverter welding machine is the current international advanced resistance welding machine with excellent welding stability and low running cost. 

        The machine is equipped with three-phase balanced input power supply, the power factor even reach 95%. There is nearly no induction energy loss in the secondary subloop. Lower welding current and electrode pressure. The saving energy reaches more than 30%. The electrode life will be double and the coping time of electrode will be lessen. It will help to save the auxiliary facilities installation cost of power, water, gas, etc. The control and analysis of welding parameters will be more precise and quicker. The welding time will be shorter so as to increase the productivity. The machine is applied to better welding of most of the metal,  especially good at welding the metal with high thermal conductivity like aluminum, aluminium alloy and copper. The welding quality will be more stable and reliable.