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Chinese Welding Equipment —Capacitor Discharge Spot Welding Machine Industry

2014-9-10      View:

Chinese Welding Equipment —Capacitor Discharge Spot Welding Machine Industry is a large industry right now. When the national leader came to inspect the welding equipment in Shenzhen on Jan 1 to Jan 2, he expressed that there are three main problems related to the Chinese welding equipment industry:

1. Excess production capacity of welding equipment. Effective measure must be adopted to merge or reorganize the welding industries so as to cut off the excessive capacity. Otherwise, nothing could help.

2. All in all, the iron and steel enterprises need to be adjusted and reorganized. Structural adjustment, reshuffle of the enterprises, and technology upgrading are the three main tasks of iron and steel industry.

3. High price in iron ore. The raw material exporters utilizes the weakness of excessive capacity and lack of flexible mechanism of welding industry. But the welding industry still have to produce, to manufacture, to purchase from them. The market is monopolistic, and the enterprises push the prices higher. It is contradict that welding industry have such large capacity, and purchase such considerable amount of iron ore, but they lack the powerful voice in the iron ore market.