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Improve Our Research and Development of the Whole Set and Special Machine

2014-9-10      View:

Recently, the technology of the automatic and semi-automatic welding machine in China has been improved dramatically through the self-development, design, importing technology and joint venture production of welding industries. The development of automatic and semi-automatic welding machine has great impact on the electric resistance welding industries. The machines as independent product are widely applied to the society and most of the power source of the whole set and special welding machines are widely applied to the key areas of national economy.

Compared with the world standard,  there is certain gap between the special and whole set welding machines in China and the world in terms of the economic strength, technological level, and management level. The research and development, design of the whole set special welding machine embodies the national technological level. We must enhance this aspect.

Besides, we need to notice that the requirement of our customers is getting higher. The welding machines manufacturing enterprises not only need to endeavor to improve the technology and design level, but also need to improve the enterprise quality management, the selection of various kinds of basic parts and components. Strive for breakthrough in the special machine aspect.