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Various Kinds of HWASHI Welding Machines Have Been Awarded Patents

2014-9-10      View:

Lately, Hwashi have smoothly passed the patent examination by the China State Intellectual Property Office, and various kinds of the welding equipment are awarded the patent certificates gloriously. Since Hwashi have been developing automatic welding equipments for years, they help injecting flesh blood into the welding industry once again. Since then, no matter from the perspective of machine appearance or machine performance, Hwashi is the leading innovative company of the welding industry.


Our scientific researchers have been dedicated to the improvement of the mechanical structure, trying to optimize the equipment performance through the design of adjusting the mechanical structure. After thousands of experiments and overcoming mountains of difficulties , Hwashi R&D team has tackle the technical problems one by one.


Obtaining the product patent is an effective practice of technical innovation we advocate all the time which can help comprehensively promote the manufacturing level of spot welding machine with high quality and practical use. All these patent achievements motivate future development of Hwashi, further enhance the technological content, the stability of our products as well as the core competitiveness of enterprise, providing a powerful technical support for further development of Hwashi. 


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