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Zinc Plated Pipe Clamp Automatic Welding Machine

2016-6-28      View:
  • Brand   HWASHI
  • Type   WL-MF-100K
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Zinc Plated Pipe Fasterner Automatic Welding Machine for Sanitary Clamp


Model WL-MF-100K
Input Voltage 380V three-phase
Input Current 150A
Output Voltage DC11.6V
Max Short Circuit Current 32000A
Welding Models 30 types
Rotary Table Diameter 600mm
Rotary Table Material Positions 4 positions
Rotary Table Rotating Speed 0.5m/sec
Welding Cylinder ¢80X2x80mm
Lower Mould Cylinder ¢160x50mm
Machine Dimension 900x1300x1700mm
Weight Around 800kg


The zinc plated single scree clamp welding machine is composed of automatic welding machine, automatic rotatary table and automatic unloading device. The operator only needs to change the fixtures (welding moulds) then the machine can achieve welding of products with different sizes.

The operator only needs to put the work piece onto the rotary device, 8 work pieces at most for one time. Then start “welding”, the main welding body will conduct welding.

After welding the first work piece, the rotary table will rotate, then the second work piece will be moved to the welding position, cycle process will continue. Meanwhile, the welded work piece will be discharged automatically one by one and the operator could keep putting new work piece onto the certain position. 


Suitable for welding galvanized steel pipe clamp and zinc plated product.


1. Adopt integrated circuit from Motorola of U.S. and PLC from Japan SIEMENS with quick response and stable performance.

2. Adopt Japan Panasonic intelligent touch screen control system which is installed with automatic bug alarm system. Clear interface, easy operation, and stable performance.

3. Adopt Taiwan TECO servo motor with powerful strength, high precision and stable control.

4. Adopt silicon controlled from IXYS of United Stated with high precision and long service life.

5. The transformer adopts Japan high purity silicon steel sheet with good magnetic and electricity conductivity. Less power consumption, more powerful and stable capacity.

6. Strictly comply with CE security standard to design the machine. Lower the accident rate.

7. Adopt self-developed intelligent microcomputer welding control system to control the compensation for the fluctuation of circuit built-in voltage in order to ensure the fluctuation of voltage is within ±15%. Prompt current compensation to ensure the stable welding current of power source.

8. Adopt South Korea SANWO pneumatic components with stable performance.


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