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Auomatic Sink Welding Machine / Automatic Sink Production Line / Sink Making Machine

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  • Brand   HWASHI
  • Type   WL-AMF-160K
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Patent No. :201320374550.0 Utility Model Name: Sink Automatic Welding Machine

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Automatic Sink Welding Machine / Automatic Sink Production Line / Sink Making Machine


Automatic Sink Seam Welding Machine has three servo motors, three-axis linkage, centralized controlling system and drainer automatically. It works on the welding principle of resistance. It has welding electrode roller that rotates 360 degrees along the A rotation axis and 3-axis act at the same time. Sink Welding Equipment is used for driving the workpiece and welding platform to move along the left and right direction reciprocatingly. One can obtain Sink Welding Equipment from us at the best market price.


  • Compared to common manual sink seam welding machine,this kind of CNC Sink Automatic Welding Machine can weld the sink with max length more than 2.5meter or 3meter,even more,the sink drainer board’s length is unlimited
  • CNC intelligent control,strong welding quality,well welding consistency,
    good sink appearance;
  • Automatic data sampling, automatic calibration function, using sampled data feedback, automatic determination to shape of sink and bowl’s welding track. Different shape,different size of bowl,welding arm and electrode can do the data collection and location automatically, feedback to the CNC controlling system and then CNC system sends the instruction to the welding arm and electrode,go on welding the sink in large quantity according to the shape and size of the basin.
  • Flat platform type lower welding electrode make sure the welding track on the surface much smaller, greatly saving the follow-up grinding and polishing processing time and cost, the more important point,it can avoid the conductive uneven phenomenon caused by rotating bearing bush rotation
  • The design service life : more than 15 years.




Stainless steel automatic sink welding machine

Input Power Single-phase 380V±10% 50Hz
Rated Capacity 160kVA
Rated Duty Cycle 25%
Maximum Secondary Floating Voltage 9.5VAC
Max Secondary Short Circuit Current 38000A
Diameter of Welding Wheel 100-120mm
Width of of Welding Wheel 3-5mm
Revolving Speed of Welding Wheel 1800-4000mm/min Adjustable
Moving Range of Axis X ≥1600mm
Moving Range of Axis Y ≥600mm
Moving Range of Axis Z ≥350mm
Rated Bleed Pressure 0.8MPa
Consumption of Gas 1m3/h
Pressure of Source of Water 0.2Mpa

Temperature of

Source of Water

Consumption of Cooling Water 1000L/H


Suitable for sink welding within the range of 2500mm x 600mm. (customized)

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