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Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink Automatic Seam Welding Machine

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  • Brand   HWASHI
  • Type   WL-AMF-160K
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Patent No. :201320374550.0 Utility Model Name: Sink Automatic Welding Machine

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Automatic Welding Machine for Double-Bowl Sink WL-AMF-160K




Stainless steel automatic sink welding machine

Input Power

Single-phase 380V±10%  50Hz

Rated Capacity


Rated Duty Cycle


Maximum Secondary Floating Voltage


Max Secondary  Short Circuit Current


Diameter of Welding Wheel


Width of of Welding Wheel


Revolving Speed of Welding Wheel

1800-4000mm/min Adjustable

Moving Range of Axis X


Moving Range of Axis Y


Moving Range of Axis Z


Rated Bleed Pressure


Consumption of Gas


Pressure of Source of Water


Temperature of

Source of Water


Consumption of Cooling Water



Suitable for sink welding within the range of 1600mm x 600mm. (customized)


This CNC sink welding special machine utilizes the seam welding principle to replace the spot welding electrode with circle welding wheel.

For the sake of ensuring the stability of welding quality, medium frequency inverter power source will be adopted. Adopt the professional automatic control system from Japan Mitsubishi, as long as inputting the data like coordinate data of the position of welding products, welding current, etc., then after turning on the machine, the welding track will automatically finish welding product within the preset procedure. The workers only need to put the work piece onto certain place and then take it away when finishing welding.


1. Adopt medium frequency inverter power source of welding and large flat platform of locating pattern.

2. Use the servo motor to drive axle X (locating mould) and axle Y (welding electrode) to operate under the preset procedure of PLC data.

3. It could store 15 sets of welding models at most (be able to store 15 sets of welding position and welding current of product).

4. According to the stored position of welding spot, the welding product will be located inside the mould and moves horizontally along the X direction and the moving area should be no more than 1200mm.

5. The welding electrode will be designed to move vertically along the Y direction and the moving area should be no more than 620mm. The welding electrode moves from top to bottom within 250mm along the axle Z direction and be able to conduct 360° of rotation under the control of servo motor so it is suitable for welding different angles of products.


Suitable for sink welding within the range of 2500mm x 600mm. (customized)

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